Inhibitor of cGMP

Sildenafil is an ingredient of Viagra and an inhibitor of cGMP that is used to cure erectile dysfunction. Sex is a very important thing in married couples therefore if you cannot satisfy your partner’s sexual needs due to erectile dysfunction problems, you have a very reasonable reasons to use Sildenafil but only after consulting your doctor and also after a thorough research concerning its sage, dosage and secondary side effects. Remember Sildenafil can begin showing its side effects immediately depending on the dosage. Apart from sexual satisfaction, many men have enjoyed using it because it helps them to have harder erections, assists them in maintaining their erections for an appropriate time that is required for sexual intercourse.

Sildenafil greatest advantage is that it treats erectile dysfunction even for the individuals who are suffering from other health conditions. Before you start Sildenafil medication, you have to be aware of some precautions that can help keep you safe throughout the treatment period such precautions include; you have to discuss with your doctor concerning your medical history, also if you are currently using treatments that have nitrates because they can react with Sildenafil and suddenly lower your blood pressure, your doctor must also know if you are planning to get married and also if you are suffering from heart disease, kidney problem, blood disorder and liver diseases among others.

Sildenafil can cause side effects such as headache, facial flushing and nausea. Its side effects do not take to long in the body and are easy to deal with.

The Use Of Viagra For Sexual Dysfunction Treatment In Men

Marriage is one of the important parts of everyone’s life. It is necessary to increase the human generation as well as to lead a good life. For this purpose, male and female do marriage with each other either arranged or love marriage. After getting marriage, the husband remains busy in his office work while the wife remains busy in the home work related to cooking and cleaning. After this busy schedule, there should be one thing that compels them to forget about everything. Yes, this thing is sexual intercourse and both couple makes it at night to get sexual pleasure. To get the satisfactory sexual pleasure, it is necessary for both members of couple to have good health without any sexual problem. If anyone of them is having sexually transmitted disease or suffering with any sexual problem then he/she will not be able to have a good sex. Sexual problems are related to both females and males but here I shall try to tell you about one male sexual problem. Doctors and people call it erectile dysfunction. From its name, you can get an idea that it is concerned with the erection of penis. The person who is suffering with this sexual problem cannot do intercourse easily due to the problem in penile erection.

How can a penis lose its erection? At the time of sexual excitement, the flow of blood through capillaries becomes high and high enough to make the penis hard and stiff. After getting such shape of penis, the male becomes ready for sex with his wife. But if the male is suffering with erectile dysfunction then he will lose the erection very quickly or will not get high erection of penis. What he needs to do is to take a medicine which can increase his blood flow. Different recommendations are given by the doctor for this purpose but the use of non prescription Viagra medicine is somehow very good for this. Viagra medicine contains all those chemicals which can enhance the activity of many enzymes as well as the flow rate of blood. Usually many experienced doctors recommend their patients to take Viagra 1 hour before the sexual intercourse. In this 1 hour, the male becomes ready for sex and then can make her partner happy with sex.

There are many users of Viagra who does not read instructions manual before using it. There are many important things which are printed over there and I think every user should have the knowledge about them so that he can avoid major side effects caused by this. Some of them are given below:

  • Viagra’s use along with medicines contain nitrates is not often prescribed by the doctor. Nitrates containing medicines are often prescribed for chest pain. If both medicines are taken together then it may cause sudden drop in blood pressure which can be very serious health issue for the user
  • Do not take Viagra unless you tell your doctor about all medicine you are taking and all health problems which you are currently facing. After knowing these things, your doctor may change type of medicine or the dose of Viagra
  • Sometimes the use of Viagra can give you erection that can be longer than 4 hours. Seek medical help to avoid any type of long term injury.