Erection problems

Sexual intimacy is a divine gift comparable to none. Erection problems make it difficult to experience the pleasures of intimate relation to its fullest. The factors which act as a magnet for erectile dysfunction include unbalanced diet, continuous mental stress and increased exposure to pollutant atmosphere. Pfizer, a prestigious drugs producing company, under took the mission of developing an efficient drug for erectile dysfunction. After a lot of hard work and testing, Pfizer finally succeeded in formulating a drug for the treatment of impotence. This drug named Viagra has been hailed as big victory in the field of reproductive health problems. Viagra takes you to the moon of sexual pleasures from the black-hole of impotence.

The mechanism by which the potent drug brings about its effect is the prevention of the degradation og cGMP, the most important and recognized vasodilator in whole of our body. cGMP is degraded by PDE enzyme of type-5 category. This enzyme is specifically found in lungs and most importantly in penile tissues, where it becomes the target of Viagra, sildenafil citrate, and is blocked. Blockage results in increasing level of cGMp as the sexual stimulation carries on. cGMP acts on smooth muscles uncovering the penile blood vessels, thereby relaxing them and increasing the lumen of the blood vessels to incorporate more and more blood to be supplied to the spongy corpora cavernosa of the penis to make it assume the erect position ready to copulate.

Take the drug half an hour before sexual interaction and observe its erection enhancing effects for four hours straight. If the drug is taken more than once in 24 hours, severe hypotension might ensue in case of which medical emergency is to be considered. Do not take the potent Viagra medication with other vasodilators as the both might exert synergistically imposed hypotension and the resulting circulatory failure. Possible side effects of the drug include priapism, runny nose, nasal congestion, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, cyanotic visual sensation and some hearing loss. Maximum application of sexual stimulation of the drug is recommended in order to experience the erection increasing effect of the drug. If you are taking the drug for the first time, 25 mg once a day half an hour before sexual interaction with glassful of water is the best recommendation, but if this dosage is rendered ineffective by your body, increase the dosage to first 50 mg and then to 100 mg tablet to be taken half an hour before sexual stimulation. During the four hour effective duration the drug provides, any sufficient sexual stimulation would result in spontaneous and sustainable erection which would accompany you to the climax for as much joy as you want. If you are already having liver, kidney and heart problems, do not take Viagra and consult with your physician for further guidance.

The wonderful recipe of enhancing male sexuality of treating an affected one is now readily available from our online pharmacy in its best, original and affordable form. Do not hesitate to avail such a secure opportunity for initiating the process of your sexual success, as there is nothing more important than you internal satisfaction itself.

How erectile dysfunction ruins sexual health?
Victims of sexual problems are increasing with the passage of time. There are several reasons behind its increasing number of victims. First, people are not worried about their health. They eat junk food and spend most of their time sitting on chair in office. This thing makes their body weak and inactive to perform a job. Moreover, majority of people are getting sexual problems because they are unaware of its causes and even they do not know how they can treat it. Still the mind set of people has not changed and they feel shy in telling someone about their sexual dysfunction. Well, the world has progressed a lot and this is the time to change the mind regarding medical problems. Sexual problems are like common health problems which can be treated if the advice of a professional doctor is taken. It has been seen that majority of people prefer to find out the solution of sexual problems from books or through online surfing. They think that they can treat themselves easily by getting knowledge about that sexual problem and then taking medicines told by the writer. Well, one thing should be kept in mind that the health situation varies person to person so the medicine better for one person may not be suitable for other person. So it is better to meet with a doctor and discussing problem with him rather than just reading books and finding out solution from there.

Let us talk about a sexual problem in men known as erectile dysfunction. It is also known by sexual dysfunction. Talking about the normal person, the penile erection is easier because blood flow is not restricted by anything present in blood vessels. When a normal person is sexually excited, the mind sends the signal to specific part of body which increases blood circulation from all parts of body and when higher blood flow passes through penis, it gets erection. This erection does not stay longer, so if a person wants to have sex with his partner need to perform sexual activity in specific duration for which penis is erected. But when an affected person is sexually excited, the increased blood flow rate is restricted by cholesterol layer present inside blood vessels or blood flow does not even increase in case of depression. In this situation, the penis remains flaccid and the man cannot have sex like a normal person. The only way to have sex after getting this sexual problem is to take medicines as per doctor’s prescription. Some medicines like Viagra and Levitra work on specific enzymes of body which helps in accelerating the blood flow through penis. With this working, the penis gets erection in a short time but this erection is also for a specific time. Their use should be one hour before the sexual activity in order to get desired results in the end. Users must have knowledge about all side effects carried by these medicines. Improper use of medicines can cause many other health problems too.