Play Games For Sport’s Sake

Everybody loves to play sports. You ask any child what he wants to become, nine out of ten times the answer will be that he wants to become a footballer or a race car driver. Thanks to TV, we are able to enjoy uninterrupted sports be it football or world cup cricket, we can sit at home and watch it live.

Most children would like to play all the time. Given a chance they wouldn’t mind missing out on studies. Basketball and football happen to be the most favourite apart from skating and other individual games. Children are so engaged in playing that even at home they keep rapping their ball and if you yell they are likely to begin playing and tapping with an imaginary ball.

In some of the developed countries like US and others, it is possible for children to dream of becoming professional sports man and pursue sports as their career. The sports arena is quite well developed as an industry be it cycling, wrestling, swimming or any other sports. But it is not so in the developing countries and underdeveloped countries. There is more emphasis on children going to school and pursuing academics with the sole aim of securing a well paying job. In countries like China and India where the population is very high, the chances of making it to the national team in any sports are very bleak.

In the west sports at amateur level as well as professional level is always encouraged by the institutions as well as the Governments. Children who are good in sports can hope to get sportsman sponsorship or scholarships and admissions to prestigious universities based on their sports merit. Furthermore there is professional coaching available to help one prepare to excel in professional sports.

Take the case of Tiger woods, he happens to be one of the top rated professional golfer being one of the highest earners and richest sportsman. World hasn’t forgotten the likes of John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova in tennis and Mardona in football either.

If you make it to the top in sports field, you get to be rich and famous too. This is a very precarious position to be in. If you are grounded well and know how to hold on to your life in terms of your lifestyle as well as managing finances, you will do well. Otherwise your fame and money can ruin your life. We have seen umpteen number of sports stars who have overcome odds in their life, made it big and lived gracefully. Then there are those who have let money and lavish lifestyle ruin their careers. Many have suffered from bad habits like drugs and indiscrete lifestyle etc. Many people tend to let the money get to their head and lose their sense of right and wrong. They begin to abuse their body with alcohol, drugs and sexual exploits. Within a few years, they find their overused libido crashing and their health begins to deteriorate. They still do not comprehend what is going wrong and continue to try out medication like Cialis believing that it can increase their libido. Little do they know that Cialis and other similar drugs are not aphrodisiacs but cure erectile dysfunction only. They do begin to see some results of being able to get aroused and achieve erection on consuming Cialis however it does not increase their libido. Such indiscriminate behaviour will lead to them contracting diseases like AIDS. There are many cases where such starts have either become alcoholics or have lost their life and glory to AIDS.

This can happen to anyone who gets fame and money all at the same time and is not limited to sports persons alone. However with sports persons and those associated with glamour industry, the chances of falling from the top are more. One should always remember that the higher one climbs the steeper is the fall.

If you like sports, pursue sports for game sake and enjoy playing it for fun. Should you decide to pursue it as a profession, make sure your feet are always grounded. No matter how much money you make, your lifestyle and values systems should not get altered. Rather fame and money should make you more humble and be able to reach out to others and help them.