Life’s Lessons

Been having problems at home front recently? Well it is quite normal to face some tough times especially in your close relationship with your spouse. No marriage is without its troubles or ups and downs.

It takes a very long time for two people to get to know each other completely and to settle down comfortably with each other. In most cases couples break up due to compatibility issues. Little do they realise that life is not about getting but giving.

For a successful marriage, the basic foundation and important ingredients are love, mutual respect, trust and commitment. While physical aspect of love is very important and crucial but the same is not the only ultimate goal of married life. There will be times in your life when your body does not co-operate with you to engage in a satisfactory physical relationship. This should however not hamper your relationship. Many men tend to develop erectile dysfunction post 40s. At this delicate stage in their life, the support from the spouse matters a lot. Of course there is treatment available easily in the form of Viagra which can be ordered online for home delivery without you having to rush to the chemist in public. But this phase can easily be overcome with the help of reassurance from the partner and spending more time with each other.

If you are going through such a tough phase, it is time to take a break from your hectic life and head to the mountains for a holiday with your spouse. Of course don’t forget to carry your stocks of Viagra . Spending precious time rediscovering each other and invest time to forge a new friendship.

If you look at some of the oriental societies and their customs, you will find some very interesting phenomenon. Indian as well as the Chinese have perfected the art of charting horoscopes for individuals. As soon as a child is born, the parents get a child’s horoscope drawn up by the astrologer. The horoscope predicts his nature, characteristics as well as the course of his life with the help of astrological positions of the heavenly bodies and the constellation at the exact time of birth. When the boy or the girl comes to the age of getting married, the parents of the girl provide the birth chart or the horoscope of the girl to the boy’s parents who then give it to the astrologer to see the match. The astrologer studies the horoscopes and predicts the compatibility of the couple and advises the parents whether they should accept the match or not.

This custom being centuries old is fast disappearing in the cities today. Earlier the marriages were confined specifically within the same caste and community. But western influence and modern outlook is leading to a lot of cross community marriages. Along with it the divorce rates too are on the rise.

Normally in all the societies the girl child is taught right from childhood to be patient and tolerant and groomed to shoulder the responsibilities of raising a family. There is no such grooming that happens in case of boys.

Several Christian communities still follow the custom of pre nuptial counselling at the church, where the priest spends time with the bride and the groom separately and counsels them on how to find the right partner and also imparts lessons on how they should conduct their life in holy matrimony.

Many cases we find the couples having met each other and fallen madly love with each other. Such couples head towards the altar very quickly and get married in a hurry. With the same hurry you can see them fighting to get away from each other and fighting like cats and dogs. This happens when the couple have based their marriage on physical attraction and chemistry and not on love.

A Rundown on the Use of Viagra over Years

Though Viagra is popularly used to day for treatment of erectile dysfunction and improvement of sexual performance, it was not the original purpose for its production. Honestly, this drug is a mere miracle that happened unexpectedly.

The Origin of Viagra as In the British Pfizer Science Laboratory

In 1989, two British Pfizer scientists known as Peter Dunn and Albert Wood produced Sildenafil Citrate. The main reason for the production was to find solution to high blood pressure and they believe the drug will be useful for treatment of both HBP and agina. The agina is coronary heart disease that is associated with chest pain. Then in 1990, the scientists already completed more than a few trials for the medicine as solution for heart related disease. But, instead of being solution for only heart disease, some people that volunteered for the clinical trial discover that they had erection that lasted for days after taking the drug.

Contribution of Some Scientist on Viagra

There are oodles of scientists that contributed in one way or the other on the production of Viagra in different years. Dr. Nicholas Terrett in 1991 was named in the British copyright of this drug. More so, in 1996 Pfizer copyrights sildenafil citrate in the United States. The medical trials on this drug were completed by Pfizer in 1990 and proved hope to be used as medication for heart related diseases. But the use was increased after volunteers observed prolong erection after taking the drug. More so, this drug was copyrights successful in UK in 1991. The copyrights of sildenafil citrate of Pfizer were made in US.

The Approval of Viagra by FDA

Viagra was approved by the FDA in 1998 as solution for treatment of erectile dysfunction. There is over 40,000 of this medicine dispensed in the pharmacy. Due to the high effectiveness of this drug in treatment of erectile dysfunction it was named in Newsweek as the “hottest” newly produced drug in the history of man in virtually everywhere in the world. At that particular time, this drug was only licensed for use in US, Morocco, Brazil and Mexico but there is also increase in the number of unapproved sources for the drug. The use of this drug was proved to be effective by oodles of people including Samantha in 1999.

The Prove For Effectiveness of Viagra to the Public

In order to showcase the potency and effectiveness of this drug, oodles of reputable men have admitted enhancing their sexual life with the pill and some of them include:

  • Nominee Bob Dole former Presidential confessed on Larry King Live Show of CNN’s about the effect of the drug and nicknames it a “great drug”.
  • In 2005 popular actor Micheal Douglas confessed publicly through an interview about the effectiveness of the drug and thanked God for the wife and the enhancement pill that boosted their sexual life.

Other people that confessed the effect of this drug include: ZacEfron also known as a young actor, Caitlyn Jenner whose step son mistakenly consume the coffee laden with the pill and Ben Afflect who felt the negative side of the drug.