Lessons Parents Can Give To Their Children

Adolescent is a very interesting stage in children’s life when they begin to explore themselves and the world around them. It is but natural that they are curious about everything and develop a thirst for knowledge. It is at the age of twelve onwards that their body begins to show changes and they begin to notice themselves. With the onset of puberty, they get interested in the opposite sex. It is but very natural that every child is interested in knowing all about sex, love and human body. This is but a very natural curiosity that is healthy and needs to be nurtured. If any child is not interested in such subjects, then the parents should be worried for it is not natural at all. This is also the age when children are likely to be rebels and most sensitive with their emotions. A rebellious attitude, disrespect to authority, self interest and prominence are but natural to children of this age.

It is this age where the parents have got to handle with kid gloves. Handling this age children can demand the very best of the parents in terms of their wit, patience, maturity and all of their capabilities. The parents have got to be watchful without appearing snooping to keep a watch on the children’s activities and know what they are getting into. Most parents are naturally worried about children’s growing interest in sex, partying and picking up habits of drinking, smoking and drugs. The drinking and smoking as well as drug habits can be checked by keeping a tab on the friends that the children are hanging out with. As regards sex, the school provides sex education. Besides this the children pick up information from books, magazines and internet as well as through discussions with friends. However parents too have got to create a platform for a free and healthy discussion at home where children can feel confident to discuss about sex and get the right information from parents. The correct information about sex is healthy. But it is the wrong impressions and information that does damage to the children’s psyche.

Apart from safe sex, the children should be taught about health issues and diseases that result out of incorrect and unhygienic sexual habits. In fact it is important for parents to talk to their sons about male impotence. While all other subjects about sex are discussed widely all over, there is rarely any discussion about male incompetence, erectile dysfunction and its causes. ED problems are faced by men at one point of time or the other. Knowing about erectile dysfunction and its causes relating to physical habits, hormonal imbalances as well as psychological and emotional causes can help boys know themselves better. The boys who exercise too much in order to build a muscular body and those who are too much into physical sports can face problems with erectile dysfunction. The correct and right information conveyed at proper time and in the proper manner will help them balance their lifestyle and maintain their health and happiness.