Marry In Haste And Repent In Leisure

Wise people always say that most people marry in haste and repent in leisure. Of course the youth is not likely to agree to this statement and pass it off as cliché, but nevertheless it does contain a lot of truth in it. Marriage is a very important commitment and step in the life of every young man and woman and so is the choice of the perfect partner.

Decades ago the schools used to include moral studies as a part of the curriculum. These classes were used mainly to impart understanding and education on some of the basic values and qualities such as love, moral character, ethics, truth etc. Not every child is intellectual and able to read as well as grasp these matters on their own at such a young age. However understanding of these matters is very important at the young age. It is only with clarity of thought and one’s own value can they use their better judgment to make the right choices and take right decisions in life at the appropriate times.

Do the youth marry for love or for lust. This is a question that each one should ask himself or herself before taking the decision to get married. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and along with the marriage come other responsibilities including children. The western world today is seeing little or no commitment towards maintain the institution of marriage and divorces have become the order of the day. We can very well agree or opine that very often people tend to get married not for the right reasons of love but for sex.

The onset of puberty signals the activation of sexual drive in both men and women. With the awareness of the self and one’s sexuality, the individual begins to get automatically attracted to the members of the opposite sex. Physical passion at this point of time begins to take precedence over the feeling of love. One cannot blame the individual for falling for the physical attraction because the sexual drive is the work of hormones and not necessarily the mind of the intellect of the individual. When passion and the hunger of sex drive the man, his mind is eclipsed and he does not think of love, rather he begins to fall in love with the individual whom he is courting. Individual thus begins to think that he is in love with the particular person that he is dating not realizing that it is the hormones that are playing havoc with his mind and heart.

Religion and strong family bonding often plays an important part in the life of the individual at this juncture. Very often you will find the individual being restrained by the family members or counseled by the religious authorities to wait and understand oneself and give more time to the developing relationship before plunging into marriage or a physical relationship. A marriage in haste will not last a lifetime unless there is mutual feeling of love, trust and partnership. Also it is not enough for one partner to be in love with the other. It requires both partners to be in love with one another. This understanding unfortunately comes to every individual much later in life and by then he or she might have already fallen into the lure of love and sex. This happens to every generation and history repeats itself.