Good Health Is Easy To Manage

If men are not healthy who is to be blamed? Certainly not the women at home. If one succumbs to hereditary disease, it is because of the genes that he has inherited. If he falls ill due to any infection, we can blame the external environment to it. If one falls prey to a lifestyle disease, he has himself to blame. The number of men falling prey to life style diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardio problems and other related health problems including obesity and psychological problems like depression, anxiety, nervousness and tensions is increasing at an alarming rate all over the world. Next to AIDS being a global epidemic, diabetes is turning out to be the major killer in the world today.

Life style diseases are largely attributable to our current lifestyle. The incidence of diabetes and other problems are higher in the case of men when compared to women. If you analyze the city or urban lifestyle, men are like busy bees, chasing after a fast life, career goals, pursuing material goals and living on the edge all the time. Further, the external impact of the economy and other occupational realities have been successful in adding high dosage of insecurity in the psyche. The corporate rat race and the consumer economy has succeeded in getting the man to keep running behind the carrot all the time.

Unlike earlier when men were physically active all through their life with working on the farm, doing manual labor, working around the house and domestic chores, the men of today are accustomed to using their mental faculties rather than engage in physical labor. Life has become easier thanks to the gadgets and equipments. Men do not have time today to lead a well balanced and peaceful life. Their life is highly sedentary. The quality and type of food too has impacted the health of men. In having to run to the office, men skip a healthy meal and binge on fast foods, junk food and soft drinks which add to their woes in the long run. Women too have similar problems due to their lifestyle but, in general the physical activity of women is higher than men thus they stand to benefit from a physically active lifestyle.
Years of running behind career with no respite and chasing one goal after another goal, men reap rewards in the form of impairment of their health by the time they hit their forties. Diabetes and blood pressure are silent killers and affect all the organs of the body. Just at the time when they peak at their careers, the health condition can pull them down.

Good health is easy to manage. Men just need to be watchful, careful and change their lifestyle from the early periods of their career. A physical active life with at least one hour of physical exercise, controlled diet preferably vegetarian with sufficient fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products that contain vitamins and minerals and pursuit of a hobby to help relax and unwind can keep one healthy in the long run. Being happy also promotes health. The emotional wellbeing is closely connected to the health and wellbeing of the body as well. Therefore a peaceful and balanced lifestyle holds the key to one’s health.