Relationship: Perspectives

Human beings are always interdependent. We are social animals and need one another to be able to exist harmoniously. One in a thousand perhaps is able to live alone without depending upon others for any kind of emotional or physical support. Normally those who renounce the world and go in search of God are the ones who prefer to live in solitude. Even amidst solitary life, they do have interactions with people from time to time. Normal man is habituated to living in a family set up. Every child thinks of home as a safe haven where he has a father, mother and siblings. As the child grows up and becomes an adult, he gets to understand the value of relationships more when friends come into his life.

It is said that one cannot choose one’s parents, family and relatives. This is very true. In fact relationships and relatives happen to be the instruments that help us learn valuable lessons in life. If one does not have patience or tolerance during his younger days, marriage and having to manage the in laws as well as one’s family will automatically teach him to bear everything and everyone with patience. Life they say is a great leveler. We come into this life to learn lessons and accordingly invite relationships that will afford the ideal opportunity for us to learn our lessons.

Friendship is one relationship that is very rear and precious as well as divine. It is only in true friendship that two friends share a bond, give love and understanding freely without any expectations. True friends are those who value you for what you are and do not count your faults or success or your bank balance. Rest of the relationships will always have some or the expectation out of you. Not everyone is fortunate to have such good friendships in their life. You will always have one or two such close friends in life and such friendships do not happen in big numbers.

Women are always worried about the future and the thought of having to live alone by themselves without their spouse is worrying. They are habituated to having their spouse be there in their life, to take the responsibility of the home and family and take major decisions in life. Absence of the spouse actually causes the grief of having lost one’s companion and more importantly the most important support system in life.

Men on the other hand do not think as much as the women do about losing their wives and life partners. Most men are able to get on with life even after they lose their life partners. Of course men tend to get over dependant on their wives when they go through andropause phase in their life. This is one sensitive period where the reduction of production of male hormone in the body creates havoc in the person’s physical well being as well as psychological wellbeing. Male hormone is responsible for the physical strength and vigor as well as the sexual drive in man. Reduction of male hormone is said to cause depression, anxiety, lack of confidence besides loss of libido as well as physical vigor and muscle mass. This is one stage where men need the active support of their life partner to see them through the phase. As they get older, their needs come down and they are able to manage their life on their own without having to need constant attention or companionship. But then emotional binding and love is something else all together. No matter what we say and argue about being independent loss of a loved one always creates a vacuum. But then life is all about happiness as well as sadness. Like day and night or the two sides of a coin, both good and bad is a part of everyone’s life.